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Originally Posted by Ramble Tamble-TAN View Post
It's a peculiar debacle indeed. I mean, it's not like it would be swarming in grain (4K... VistaVision... WTF) - it most likely came during an interim from the same destructive vermin that took pot shots at Grease, only this time they went all out.
Grease would have had an even greater amount of processing applied to it had certain objections gone unheeded. The grain reduction, among other things, is lamentable but it’s not a worst case scenario. Grease 2 on the other hand has a gorgeously organic transfer, as I’m sure you know.

Originally Posted by Robert Furmanek View Post
HONDO is restored and ready to go, they just need to secure the license from Gretchen Wayne and release it. Gretchen told me she offered the 3-D master to them in 2012 and they weren’t interested.
KINO would give Hondo the 2-disc red carpet treatment. No doubt it would be a best seller as well considering the wide, ongoing demand for it among the 3D community. But yeah I’m most likely stating the obvious.

Originally Posted by The Mad Kiwi View Post
Has there been any word about Fox quietly fixing those teal-pushed restorations the way they did for The King and I? What's funny is outside of the Blu-ray itself, it's like the King of Cyan restoration never existed. The corrected one is now on all digital platforms (except Amazon which uses the 2006 one), is used for DCPs (I've seen it twice theatrically now), and is used whenever Fox airs it on their exclusive network. Was King and I only fixed because of the TCM Classic Film Festival back in 2016? I always suspected that they were the ones who requested a redo since the cyan one would be an embarrassment for them on the big screen.
Honestly I’m unsure of which transfers were in the process of being reassessed prior to the Disney deal. Workflow volume often makes back-tracking to fix things on “non-priority” titles very difficult. Additionally, a few weeks into the pandemic, my main insider friend sadly lost her job with the company that Fox uses to produce many of their disc. That aside, from what I’ve come to understand King & I was fixed because A) It’s still a popular title with mainstream viewers and B) The right person with influence cared enough to point out what a botch job the transfer was to people with enough authority to green light a re-do on the timing.

The complaints about the existing blu-ray were pretty much heard loud and clear from what I can tell, but sadly Fox didn’t think it was worth authoring a new disc when it came time to for the individual release outside of the R&H box set. They also continued to employ the same persona non grata in New York who was responsible for the disaster in the first place. Though, for what it’s worth, he has was reprimanded and did, eventually, somewhat dial back the blue push.

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