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I've never bought any TT titles before... I'm definitely a movie fan and collector, but my library is pretty mainstream and modern, and I don't have a lot of older films in my collection. To be honest, I've never followed the smaller labels... obviously I should have, even though the USD pricing would be expensive for me in Canada.

So given the opportunity of this sale, I initially picked up a "few" titles that I thought might interest me, mostly from TT but some from SAE as well... I then followed up those initial orders with a more thorough review of the TT catalog, placing further orders with both TT and SAE... I went to eBay for one title (which is going to be waiting for me at my US mailbox until the border opens again), and I now have a wishlist!

In the end, I placed far too many orders with both TT and SAE, between May 10th and July 22nd. Now I'm just waiting for the last orders to arrive, including a nice handful of titles from TT's July 1st limited quantity sale.

(I was also introduced to Kino and Indicator through this thread - between Indicator's limited editions with booklets, and all of the great titles Twilight Time released, I certainly regret not paying attention to the boutique labels sooner!)

- Some of my TT order #s, for reference:
- 5/10 #720xx (first order ever)
- 6/21 #797xx (last "regular" order)
- 7/01 #801xx (1st limited qty order)
- 7/01 #802xx (2nd limited qty order, 75 order # difference, 47 seconds later)
- 7/02 #807xx (last order ever)

- Out of 101 TT blind buys, so far I've watched 22 (as of July 22), and have enjoyed every one!

My TT Collection:
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My TT Wishlist:
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I have a few sealed extras... if anyone is interesting in trading and happens to have sealed copies of titles on my wishlist, please PM me! I'm open to selling the extras as well. (I have more extras as well, but these are the ones currently sold out.)
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