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Official statement 04/27/2020: Unfortunately, there were several errors in the production of our ROLLERBALL editions. In order to anticipate Corona's closings of the production facilities (some in Italy) and the trade, we accelerated production in certain areas in March, which unfortunately caused QC to suffer in this complex project. Of course, this shouldn't have happened.

The following technical defects were found on the discs:
Since the UHD master was 4 frames shorter than the HD master, all audio tracks there are asynchronous by 4 frames (1/6 second).
-> The error is fixed.

In the remake, the original sound is asynchronous in some places. We have adopted the image and sound of the disc already published by another provider 1: 1. Apparently this problem was never noticed and corrected in the old release.
-> The error is fixed.

In the German 5.1 tone, the right channels have been interchanged with the left channels due to a labeling error. This is only noticeable in a few places, but should have been noticed at QC.
-> The error is fixed on the UHD and Blu-ray.

Accordingly, we will shortly offer three corrected discs (Rollerball 1975: Blu-ray + UHD and Rollerball Remake: Blu-ray) for exchange.

As already confirmed, the German and English “original sound” (PCM) of 35 mm elements were taken. It was never intended to remaster these versions, so these tones were clearly identified as "original" and "restored".
Of course there are the "remastered" tones on our discs, which have been technically processed as far as possible. In the future we will unfortunately no longer offer such restored original sounds as a bonus and will only use a final sound track as a remaster for our discs.
For the new edition of the discs, we will indicate in the sound menu with a blackboard that the sounds correspond to the original and have not been further processed.

In return:
- All customers who have ordered ROLLERBALL in the capelight shop will automatically receive the new discs without having to make an inquiry.
- All other customers please send an email with a photo or scan of the proof of purchase and address to

The new discs are expected to be delivered in 5-6 weeks. If the production of the new discs takes longer than expected due to the current situation, please be patient.
When new rollerball orders are placed in the capelight shop, these discs are automatically included as soon as they are available.

We regret the circumstances and still wish you a lot of fun with the editions of ROLLERBALL.
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