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Since several Shout MGM titles are going OOP, I imagine their licence to The Producers expired. MGM owns US video rights in perpetuity (as it was part of the Embassy titles that Nelson got and then ended up with Orion), but StudioCanal has all the film elements.

It is my understanding this comes from MGM, but KL are using the 4k restoration StudioCanal supplied MGM. I imagine they can't really do much about the color timing if they're prohibited from altering the master in any way, hopefully the encode will be better but lets be 50/50 here.

I imagine the OOP Shout release will stay cheap since this one is coming on the horizon. It would be wise to have both the SF for the 2k master with better color timing (and Avco Embassy logo, which the 4k remaster strangely omits) and possibly superior audio, and the KL to witness whatever mono or 5.1 screw ups it has along with the epic Ritrovata piss tinge restoration and that one new extra whatever it may be.
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