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Originally Posted by WhatHasShatnerDone View Post
Weird thought: is it possible that Paramount itself was conned? Is it possible that whoever did this just took an earlier HD (or "HD Ready") master created for the earlier DVD release, up-scaled it, cropped it a bit (to hide what they were doing), brightened the colours, and then took the money and ran, putting out all this "6k....negatives" spin just as fluff...?
No. A new VVLA scan was performed.

Knowing that, after sampling the new release, my initial reaction was to question if someone delivered the wrong master to compression / authoring.

That has now been confirmed as not being the case. And from a corporate posture, rather than circling wagons, and confirming their pleasure with the final result, the “incorrect master” concept would have provided the perfect out, and excuse to recall and replace, without the need for anyone to take real responsibility.

A corporate structure can resemble a Portuguese man-o-war, a single mind comprised of many bodies.
One individual desire, and the entire entity changes position.

What this tells me is that someone at Melrose loves the look, texture, and colors of this work. And if that’s the case, this should presumably become the new Paramount standard look.

All for a single reason.

It’s perfect.

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