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Well, I have matched the caps from Volume 1.
The General: the Kino is atrocious next to the Eureka, no contest here.
Sherlock, Jr.: the source is obviously the same; Eureka's encoding is slightly better though.
Steamboat Bill, Jr.: this is very strange - probably never happened to me before. The resto on the Eureka is clearly superior BUT: 1. the frames look askew. 2. I couldn't match several Kino frames just because they ARE NOWHERE to be found on the Eureka transfer. I've come to the conclusion that the restorations use two completely different editings of the film! Of the three caps listed below, only the first is virtually identical (and you see it's askew!). All the transfer has the same "issue".
Now I'll explain what I mean by "different editing". Take this frame:

On the Eureka transfer, in the "barber sequence" (min. 15), the barber never goes behind Keaton: he moves to the left, for instance, but not behind. Same thing happens with lots of sequences. The prison cap below is another example: after Keaton drops the loaf (min. 51), he staggers towards his left, but he never assumes that position. I've checked more than once...
The General
Kino (Jan 2017)

Eureka (Nov 2017)

Sherlock, Jr.
Eureka (Nov 2017, right) vs Cohen (Jun 2019, left)

Steamboat Bill, Jr.
Kino (Jan 2017)

Eureka (Nov 2017)

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