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Some time ago, I did a comparison of the Maiden Japan BD to CPM/US Manga Corps DVD release of Armored Trooper VOTOMS. In my comparison I pointed out a lot of frame issues because of poorly encoded 480i content.

The folks here were kind enough to speculate as to what the issue was, I contacted Maiden Japan/Sentai, got a response that they would look into it and said they would look to implement changes for future releases.

Fast forward to quite a few more SDBD releases from Maiden Japan and each had exactly the same kind of issues (Xabungle still pisses me off).

Given that VOTOMS was being released as a Complete Collection edition, I had emailed them about whether the new collection would be reauthored or not and the response I received back was that yes, it was being reauthored but they could not give me specifics.

I assumed this meant squishing it all to fit fewer discs but decided to order it anyway.

And... I can say that I am BEYOND EXTATIC to report that in viewing the first disc, there are ZERO terrible frames. I spent a long time frame by framing the new release, roughly through the first 20 minutes of the first episode and did the same from the original release. There is no question that the Complete Collection has corrected video!

I would say that given each episode is roughly 2.8 GBs or so and the video is taken from the remastered DVD source from Japan, this is the definitive release of the show at this particular moment in time, barring a complete remastering from film elements to 1080p (unlikely now given how much time has passed since the DVDs were released in Japan but there is always hope).

This includes grain, glorious grain.

I am actually tempted to watch through the entire series again JUST because how great this looks now, without interlaced frame issues!

I am going to look at the first OVA as well as that's where I had to stop watching given I couldn't deal with the ghost frame issue on my screen anymore and report back on those as well and how they fare in this set. I am hoping for great things!

EDIT- CONFIRMED. The OVAs appear to be fixed as well! WOOHOO!

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