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I've worked on projects with pixel-peeping directors who look at things frame-by-frame with their nose right up to the screen (which I simultaneously both admire and hate ) but as we've seen evidence of through various puzzling and questionable restoration and grading decisions over the years, many directors and cinematographers are not that technically-minded or involved and will defer to the judgment of the people at the controls.

And if during the session they happen to mention that some shot looks very noisy but the DNR tool the studio uses is crap, what are they going to do? Say "This has created a very ugly waxy/artifacted/oil-painting look, let's go back"? No, that's unlikely to happen, that kind of detailed analysis is for us forum nutters. They ask for less grain, they get less grain, then they move on. And we get Batman Begins.

Considering Akira and pretty much every other remaster handled by Q-TEC looks like this, it's safe to say this garbage DNR is part of their standard workflow and it'd most likely have ended up very similar regardless of any other factors.

tl;dr Director/cinematographer involvement often means next to nothing with incompetent, ignorant people of poor taste at the controls.
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