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Originally Posted by Midihex View Post
On the Newer Blu, NYR has color issues throughout, it's like they got some student to grade it, it's embarrassing.
Adjusted green hues to the point of it stepping into blue (grass - pre titles) grossly over saturated blues/teals (scrubs in the autopsy scene) blown out highlights (the lights in the subway) The whole grade smells of amateur hour. Compared to the original release it's a huge shame because the actual scan is great.. I was hoping the UHD would fix these issues but it looks like they added some more.
The UHD is more teal than the BD (you see it on the hair net of the landlady, for example). My concern about the one scene is that despite the grading, is...well... I have now attached a pair of images. Taken with a phone but you will get the idea. Did this slip through QC? I don't see how anyone can see this and think it looks alright. This is real, don't attribute it to my phone. Unfortunately this is enough for me to say that unless this got a replacement program of some sort, the BD is superior, despite the increase in detail and grain appearance on the 4K. Ignore the odd reflection on the right side from a pair of blinds.
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