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So, I received the set and, as promised, I did some thorough comparison (for those new to the thread, you can find the previous sets reviewed on page 3).
The new restos on the first two sets are flawless and generally disintegrate the old ones. That said, I must admit I'm extremely disappointed with this third set.
Obviously, Eureka has no fault here. Only Go West is great; unfortunately, Cohen and Cineteca have f***ed up the other two. I'm especially unhappy for what they did to College, which is a fave of mine.

Let's start with:
Go West
First of all, as already noticed, the runtimes wildly differ. On the Kino disc, it runs for 1:08:05, on the Eureka 1:22:07. This happens because the Kino transfer presents a "sped-up version", which I never liked as I find it definitely too fast in some cases (some intertitles disappear too quickly, for instance).
The new 4k resto is so much better in terms of damage, as the cleanup job has been incredible. Especially note the third frame: this is the kind of damage you'll find on the older print.
Secondly, the Kino version is vertically stretched. Detail is obviously better on the new resto. As you may notice, the framing has been corrected, as they have removed the "rounded corners".

Kino (2011)

(Eureka 2020)

Our Hospitality

Here we have the new 2k resto vs the 2011 Kino disc. There's no contest here.


Now, the Kino reissue is a completely different story. First of all, the framing of the 2018 resto by Cohen/Ritrovata is askew, if compared to the 2019 Kino restoration. The Kino is also generally much sharper and detail superior. In the last three caps, the new resto looks almost like a DVD in comparison; it really looks like out of focus most of the time. Also, it shows less info in the frame, and not always due to rounded corners; take cap #3 for instance. So here's the winner is easily the 2019 Kino release.

Kino (Oct 2019)

Eureka (2020)

__________________________________________________ ______
As already said, the real mess is College. The 2018 restoration is superior only when it comes to damage: the cleanup has been, once again, excellent. And the 2013 Kino seems to suffer from some stretching. Anyway, what really ruins the new resto is how the black levels have been altered: take a good look at caps #3-4: large portions of the image have disappeared completely. There are lots of sequences like that throughout the whole movie. Sorry, but I'll always prefer a damaged print rather than a messed up one.

I nearly forgot: the new resto runs for 1:05:06, while the Kino for "only" 1:04:35. In this case, it may be due to missing frames, but I'm not sure. Anyway, Lorber's 2K restoration (2017) is the longer version available, running for 1:05:20, meaning that the Cohen resto too is missing some frames. Summing up, these are the runtimes:
Old Kino (2013): 1:04:35
Eureka (2020): 1:05:06
New Kino (2017): 1:05:20

Kino (2013)

Eureka (2020)

In these two frames, you can see how superior the 2017 Kino reissue is (featuring a 2k restoration by Lorber): it's much sharper and has better balanced levels. The second frame is particularly telling (Jesus, the new one is abysmal). Unfortunately, the Kino suffers from some instances of macroblocking.

Kino (2017 reissue)

Eureka (2020)

Last comparison. This is what changes, esp. in terms of damage, between the two Kino releases. As you can see, a nice cleanup, even though not as perfect as the 2018 one by Cohen/Ritrovata.

Kino (2013)

Kino (2017)

Go West: Eureka (2020)
Our Hospitality: Kino (2019)
College: Kino (2017, on the Steamboat Bill, Jr./College twofer)

If you're not interested in Go West and/or some extras, you may very well avoid this set.
Personally, I can live with an inferior copy of Our Hospitality, but I'm definitely gonna order the Kino twofer later on. Also remember that the Kino and the Eureka offer two different prints of Steamboat Bill, Jr (different editing). So for completists, it's not a bad thing owning both, methinks.

ps. for the record, The Railrodder has not been restored.

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