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Tonight marks having 7 masters done now (with 'On Hold' now being finished off) and now the trick is to figure out how to dub 700 discs or so between all these sets.

It looks like we'll be making the decision to send them out to be duplicated since it will take a lot less time. A little more expensive, but it gets us much closer to our 17 or more sets out this year goal.

To help with this venture, We're launching a new special disc (BDR) called 'Cartoon Animals'. This is the first 'special' disc available at the new Thunderbean Shop. It features 12 cartoons, all scanned in HD from rare 16mm prints, in black and white and color. It's available through the 25th of September.

The set is $15 plus postage and can be found here:

Thanks all for the continued support of these projects!
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