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Originally Posted by johnpaul2 View Post
There is a French review here with 13 screenshots from the 1st movie :

It's a 2019 4K restoration from the OCN, supervised by Yu. It's not mentioned in the review, but I think it was done in France. I'm surprised Eureka are now claiming their release will be "newly colour graded exclusively by Eureka Entertainment and officially approved by director Ronny Yu" since based on this, I'd suppose the restoration released in France already should match Yu's wishes and wouldn't need a new different grading.
I am friend with Frank Djeng who produced the Eureka Blu Ray (He also produced the Tai Seng DVD 20 years ago and knows Ronny personally) and asked him about this. His response:

1. According to Ronny, France/Spectrum presented him with the master but by then it's already at the release stage and also there was no visual reference to show Ronny how different the color scheme was from the HK theatrical print.

2. Eureka got a copy of the Tai Seng DVD, and the TS DVD master was taken directly off the HK theatrical print which of course preserved Peter Pau's color scheme. Eureka became concerned with how different the colors were between the TS DVD and the 4K master that they got from the distributor and checked with Frank who saw the film theatrically back in 1993. Frank confirmed that Ronny approved the TS DVD master when he recorded the audio commentary and presented Ronny with side-by-side comparisons and Ronny immediately noticed the difference. He gave the OK for Eureka to do the new color grading to match the colors on the TS DVD and gave his seal of approval upon seeing the final product.

It's not revisionist at all--it's preserving Ronny's and Peter Pau's original vision and color palette for the film so that what you see on the Eureka Blu-ray will be identical to how you would've seen the film theatrically almost 30 years ago.

Frank also said that if there are enough "votes" from folks then Eureka will consider releasing BRIDE 2 (which needs more extensive restoration than Part 1) and Ronny's THE PHANTOM LOVER, also with Leslie Cheung.

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