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I don't know if the German market is handled different regarding licensing, or if just the amount of money involved solves the issue, but there was only one case where a German release ommitted the Netflix dub: The 7 Deadly Sins Movie
(and this was done, cause the distributor commissioned an own dub for a cinematic release before Netflix released their for streaming)

To give an insight in some markets:
In France they "The Ancient Magus Bride" got a Blu-ray-release in Collector's packaging, with all 27 episodes, priced at $40 (+tax & shipping) - but only with a 1500 unit print run.
(Reprint with "Essentials" pricing after the CE sold out 15 months later)

And a huge bunch of series that even got a LE treatment in the US and UK, don't get a physical release in France at all (and even if, most stay subbed only)

And as long no cinematic release is involved nor the franchise itself gained popularity due to TV-airings ages ago (like Dragon Ball), the situation in Spain and Italy is quite similar. So it's quite possible that japanese licensors don't bother aquiring the dubs...

In Germany however, the average anime release is said to sell about 2000 - 3000 units per volume with pricings between Funimations LE and Aniplex (adjusted to episode count).
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