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As of 2017, the flagship iPhones and iPad Pros support Dolby Vision + HDR10. The Mac can also playback Dolby Vision content on newer models through the TV app. It's also supported on Apple's Pro Display XDR monitor.

As for UHD Blu-ray, the Mac can playback the content in at least HDR10, but you'll need to rip the disc.
OK. Under macOS Big Sur, Apple allows the use of the T2 Security Chip found in 2018 and newer Mac computers to stream Netflix in 4K. If it works for Netflix, this method should also work to legally play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Although Netflix's copy protection system isn't as sophisticated as Ultra HD Blu-ray's copy protection system and can be decrypted at the software level using Microsoft's PlayReady under Windows, macOS decrypts it at the hardware level using the T2 Security Chip. This would be a BDA-approved method of playing Ultra HD Blu-ray discs on an Apple machine, especially considering the T2 Security Chip is an Apple chip, and Apple's chips are very hacker-proof. Why isnít Macgo teaming up with Apple to finally make Ultra HD Blu-ray software for Mac? Theyíve got the right hardware, so why donít they put it to use? This is the one thing I have always complained about my Mac not being able to do. Developing such a program will finally ease my complaint and allow me to use my Mac as a portable Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Consider that this is a lot of computers that could benefit from this type of software as they are very popular. Macgo is licensed with the BDA. You guys will have to tell Macgo about this method. Here is their address:

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