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A new podcast is in and they discuss all November titles by the way.

Only three questions were answered at the end

Samuel Goldwyn distribution deal - Porgy and Bess' status: The licensing agreement with Warner is worded that if it ever becomes available for release it would come through Warner but the Goldwyn trust and the Gershwin estates have to settle their rights issues first; George thinks lot of restauration work has to be done as well before it could be released on home video

There was one more question regarding bumpers/promo pieces for animated series like Scooby-Doo but the answer was so long, you have to check the podcast if you are interested.

Hong Kong (Golden Harvest titles) films coming to Blu-ray like Mr. Nice Guy - The WAC added one very important Hong Kong "classic" to the 2021 schedule in their last production meeting that would please fans of Mr. Nice Guy. They are very proud of the Golden Harvest library they own and would love to bring more to Blu-ray when financially feasible in the years to come. The movie is probably not Pedicab Driver because George said it won't be on BD tomorrow, so you should get the DVD if you want to see the movie but may be in the future.

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