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It's impossible to decipher most of Fran's "clues" but I think people on the UK thread have done a good job of speculating what a lot of these could be.

POTM Phantom of the Mall
MAST Nico Mastorakis title
DASS Jules Dassin title (Academy?)
LEG = Legend
LE UHD = Last Emperor UHD (Academy?)
LM Boxset = Last of the Mohicans boxset w/all cuts (Academy?)
C UHD (#1) Carrie UHD
C UHD (#2) Conan UHD
Y Boxset Yokai Monsters boxset
G Boxset Grudge Boxset
D Boxset Daimajin Boxset
H X 2 UHD Hellraiser 1/Hellraiser 2 UHD
Big Box/EJ UHD TBC Early Peter Jackson boxset UHD
T UHD Terminator UHD or Tenebrae UHD
BR UHD Battle Royale UHD
BB Boxcar Bertha
TIM The Invisible Man Appears / The Invisible Man vs The Human Fly double feature
SB Something Shaw Bros. related
NL UHD Naked Lunch UHD

Contemporary films:
BLOOD The Bloodhound
STYLIST The Stylist
CLAPBOARD Clapboard Jungle
GHOST W A Ghost Waits

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