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I think what really gets me is that it looks like loads of DNR was applied, at least in some shots. The accompanying BD is exactly the same in that regard. I seem to recall somebody saying that Umbrella's Australian disc, while not exactly award-winning, has grain and looks like film. Some of these shots look like they have wax dummies in them. :/ I still think 84 used this release as a way to dip their toes in the water and go through the UHD authoring process. If this is the kind of material we can expect from them, I think they should just stick to plain old Blus (and even then, 84 isn't my first choice).

EDIT: Okay, I think I have an idea of what's going on. I think this may be a real 4K scan. However, it's from a theatrical print. There are "cigarette burns" at the reel changes, as seen below. I suspect they simply scanned a print and didn't bother with serious cleanup, other than slapping on some DNR and automated cleanup, and calling it a day. Very annoying. Properly handled, a theatrical print could look pretty good at 4K. (See the 4K77 project and such.) Anyway, I guess fans will have to wait for a proper 4K scan from the negative or IP, assuming it ever happens.

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