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Previous Years:
Blu-Ray Spending 2017 Edition
- 2018 Edition - 2019 Edition - 2020 Edition

YTD Spending Plan: $3,725.00
YTD Spending Actual: $3,722.68 (as of December 31 2021)
* denotes Vinegar Syndrome’s 2021 Yearly Subscription which was paid for in 2020.

Price - Title (Label) Where I Bought It From
[Show spoiler]$44.95 - Sátántangó [Limited Edition] (Arbelos) Direct
$12.79 - The House of Usher [VSA, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Cthulhu Mansion [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Dark Tower ‘87 [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Satan’s Blood [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct



[Show spoiler]$27.50 - Beyond Terror [Limited Edition] (Cauldron Films) Direct
$27.49 - The Crimes of the Black Cat [Limited Edition] (Cauldron Films) Direct
$20.99 - SexWorld [4K UHD/BD/CD, Peekarama, Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$20.99 - Lone Wolf McQuade [LE Slipcover] (Scorpion) Ronin
$20.99 - The Mechanic [LE Slipcover] (Scorpion) Ronin
$20.30 - Death Warrant [LE Slipcover] (Scorpion) Ronin
$19.59 - Death Wish 3 [LE Slipcover] (Scorpion) Ronin
$19.59 - The Delta Force [LE Slipcover] (Scorpion) Ronin
$18.88 - Amores Perros (Criterion) Target
$16.99 - Jeremy [Limited Edition O-Card] (Fun City) VS
$16.99 - Minor Premise [Limited Edition O-Card] (Utopia) VS
$16.99 - Jungle Trap / Run Coyote Run [Limited Edition O-Card] (AGFA) VS
$14.00 - Clifford (Scorpion) Ronin
$11.95 - Invasion U.S.A. (Shout Factory) Hamilton Book
$10.60 - The Bad and the Beautiful (Warner Archive) Direct
$10.60 - The Curse of Frankenstein (Warner Archive) Direct
$10.60 - Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Warner Archive) Direct
$10.60 - Drop Dead Gorgeous (Warner Archive) Direct
$10.59 - Year of the Dragon (Warner Archive) Direct
$9.95 - Death Wish II [Special Edition] (Shout Factory) Hamilton Book
* Death Promise [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* The Fear [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Forgotten Gialli Volume 3 [Limited Edition Box Set] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Hitcher in the Dark [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Last Gasp [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Rush Week [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct


[Show spoiler]$140.00 - The Dungeon of Andy Milligan Collection [LE Box Set] (Severin) Direct
$46.26 - Irreversible [Limited Edition] (Indicator) Direct
$21.64 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [4K UHD/BD] (Kino Lorber) Target
$21.64 - Spaceballs [4K UHD/BD] (Kino Lorber)
$16.82 - A Taste of Tea (Third Window) Arrow
$16.81 - Fish Story (Third Window) Arrow
$16.81 - Melancholic (Third Window) Arrow


[Show spoiler]$39.97 - Santa Sangre [4K UHD/BD/CD] (Severin) Bull Moose
$28.46 - The Day of the Beast [4K UHD/BD] (Severin) DeepDiscount
$28.46 - Perdita Durango [4K UHD/BD] (Severin) DeepDiscount
$19.99 - Grave Secrets [VSA, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$16.99 - Altered Innocence Volume #1 [Limited Edition O-Card] (Altered Innocence) VS
$16.99 - Crestone [Limited Edition O-Card] (Utopia) VS
$16.99 - Smile [Limited Edition O-Card] (Fun City) VS
* All-American Horror [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* The Cellar [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Home Grown Horrors Volume #1 [Limited Edition Box Set] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct


[Show spoiler]$34.99 - Prospect [4K UHD/BD Special Limited Edition] (G&S) VS
$29.99 - Six-Stringed Samurai [4K UHD/BD, VSU, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$19.99 - The Leather Boys [Limited Edition O-Card] (AGFA) VS
$19.99 - Walking the Edge [Limited Edition O-Card] (Fun City) VS
$19.99 - Alley Cat [VSA, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$19.99 - Champagne & Bullets aka GetEven/Road to Revenge [VSA, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$19.99 - Shiva Baby [Limited Edition O-Card] (Utopia) VS
$16.99 - Treasure of the Ninja and the Film of William Lee [Limited Edition O-Card] (AGFA) VS
$16.99 - Martha A Picture Story [Limited Edition O-Card] (Utopia) VS
* Alien From L.A. [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* The Cardona Collection Volume #1 [Limited Edition Box Set] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Scanner Cop 1 & 2 [4K UHD Limited Edition Box Set] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Surf II [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Televised Terror Volume #1 [Limited Edition Box Set] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct


[Show spoiler]$107.49 - The World of Wong Kar Wai (Criterion) Barnes and Noble
$78.46 - The Daimajin Trilogy [Limited Edition] (Arrow US) Target
$40.50 - Anatomia Extinction [Limited Edition] (Error4444) Direct
$31.97 - Dead and Buried [4K UHD/BD/CD, Limited Edition, Cover A] (Blue Underground) DeepDiscount
$29.99 - Deadlock [4K UHD/BD, Limited Edition O-Card] (Subkultur) VS
$21.49 - Memories of Murder (Criterion) Barnes and Noble
$21.49 - Mirror (Criterion) Barnes and Noble
$21.49 - Black Test Car/Black Report (Arrow US) Barnes and Noble
$21.49 - Giants and Toys (Arrow US) Barnes and Noble
$21.49 - Irezumi (Arrow US) Barnes and Noble
$21.49 - JSA Joint Security Area (Arrow US) Barnes and Noble
$19.99 - Rancho Deluxe [Limited Edition O-Card] (Fun City) VS
$18.99 - Sound and Fury [Limited Edition O-Card] (Altered Innocence) VS
$12.99 - The Hot Spot [Special Edition] (KLSC) Direct
$9.99 - Bacurau (KLSC) Direct
$9.99 - Blue Collar [Special Edition] (KLSC) Direct
$9.99 - The Lost Weekend (KLSC) Direct
$9.99 - Lust, Caution [Special Edition] (KLSC) Direct
* Killer’s Delight [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* The Lamp [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Through The Fire [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct


[Show spoiler]$57.49 - The Babadook [4K UHD/BD Limited Edition] (Second Sight UK) DiabolikDVD
$49.50 - Blood for Dracula [4K UHD/BD/CD] (Severin) Direct
$49.49 - True Romance [4K UHD Limited Edition] (Arrow UK) DiabolikDVD
$31.34 - PTU [Limited Edition O-Card] (Eureka) Rarewaves
$30.09 - Throw Down [Limited Edition O-Card] (Eureka) eBay
$25.25 - Police Story 1 & Police Story 2 [Limited Edition] (Eureka) Amazon Marketplace
$17.02 - Blind Beast (Arrow US) Amazon
$17.02 - Evil Dead Trap (Unearthed) Amazon
$16.49 - A Dim Valley [Limited Edition O-Card] (Altered Innocence) VS
$16.13 - The Assassin (Studio Canal UK) eBay
* Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Girls School Screamers [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Terminal Island [4K UHD/BD, Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Tough Guys Don’t Dance [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct


[Show spoiler]$50.00 - The Last Black Man in San Francisco [4K UHD Limited Edition] (A24) Direct
$42.49 - Primetime Panic [Limited Edition Box Set] (Fun City) VS
$19.99 - WNUF Halloween Special [Limited Edition O-Card] (Terror Vision) VS
$16.49 - Wild Tigers I Have Known [Limited Edition O-Card] (Altered Innocence) VS
* Blades [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Devil Story [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Resurrection [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Shallow Grave [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct


[Show spoiler]$157.83 - Collaborations: The Cinema of Zhang Yimou & Gong Li [Limited Edition] (Imprint) DeepDiscount
$55.35 - Yokai Monsters Collection [Limited Edition] (Arrow US) DeepDiscount
$36.00 - Demons I & II [4K UHD Special Limited Edition] (Synapse) DeepDiscount
$29.99 - Summer of 84 [4K UHD/BD, Limited Edition] (G&S) VS
$25.97 - Misery [4K UHD/BD] (Kino Lorber) Bull Moose
$25.97 - The Silence of the Lambs [4K UHD/BD] (Kino Lorber) Bull Moose
$17.49 - The Last Matinee [Limited Edition O-Card] (Dark Star) VS
$11.49 - The Green Knight [4K UHD/BD] (Lionsgate/A24) Amazon
* Camille Keaton in Italy [Limited Edition Box Set] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* The Laughing Dead [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Nothing Underneath/Too Beautiful to Die [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Ticks [4K UHD/BD, Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct


[Show spoiler]$64.99 - Cinematic Vengeance: 8 Kung Fu Classics from Director Joseph Kuo [Limited Edition] (Eureka) DiabolikDVD
$32.24 - Citizen Kane [4K UHD/BD] (Criterion) B&N
$27.97 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers [4K UHD/BD] (Kino Lorber) Bull Moose
$26.86 - Uncut Gems [4K UHD/BD] (Criterion) B&N
$12.25 - M. Butterfly (Shout Factory) Target
$12.25 - The Pianist (Shout Factory) Target


[Show spoiler]$185.00 - All the Haunts Be Ours: A Compendium of Folk Horror [Limited Edition] (Severin) Direct
$137.99 - Shawscope Volume #1 [Limited Edition] (Arrow US) DiabolikDVD
$62.99 - Nobuhiko Obayashi’s Anti-War Trilogy [Limited Edition] (Third Window) DiabolikDVD
$60.99 - Toshiaki Toyoda 2005-2021 [Limited Edition] (Third Window) DiabolikDVD
$54.99 - Mulholland Drive [4K UHD/BD Limited Edition] (Studio Canal) DiabolikDVD
$53.81 - Labyrinth of Cinema [Limited Edition Steel Book Edition] (Crescendo House) Direct
$45.34 - Damnation [Limited Edition] (Arbelos) Direct
$38.50 - Night of the Demon [2 Disc with Slipcover] (Severin) Direct
$34.60 - Hiruko the Goblin [Red Case Limited Edition] (Mondo Macabro) Direct
$26.99 - Full Alert [Limited Edition O-Card] (Eureka) DiabolikDVD
$24.99 - Duel to the Death [Limited Edition O-Card] (Eureka) DiabolikDVD
$24.99 - Tiger Claws Trilogy [VSA, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$22.71 - Ultraman Taro (Mill Creek) Amazon
$21.99 - The Grave [VSA, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$21.99 - TC 2000 [VSA, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$21.99 - Whatever It Takes [VSA, Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
$21.49 - Her Smell [Limited Edition Slipcase/O-Card] (G&S) VS
$20.24 - Pink Films Vol. 5 & 6 (Third Window) Arrow
$20.23 - Funuke: Show Some Love, You Losers! (Third Window) Arrow
$20.23 - Tezuka’s Barbara (Third Window) Arrow
$20.23 - Ujicha: Violence Voyager / Burning Buddha Man (Third Window) Arrow
$19.99 - LA Plays Itself: The Fred Halsted Collection [Limited Edition O-Card] (Altered Innocence) VS
$19.99 - Radio On [Limited Edition O-Card] (Fun City) VS
$19.59 - Asako I & II (Grasshopper) Direct
$19.59 - Hill of Freedom/Woman on the Beach (Grasshopper) Direct
$19.59 - The Power of Kangwon Province (Grasshopper) Direct
$19.59 - Right Now, Wrong Then (Grasshopper) Direct
$18.99 - Arrebato [Limited Edition O-Card] (Altered Innocence) VS
$18.67 - Ultraman Zero Collection (Mill Creek) Amazon
$17.49 - Being Natural [Limited Edition O-Card] (Kani) VS
$17.49 - Detention [Limited Edition O-Card] (Dakanalog) VS
$17.49 - Rebels of the Neon God [Limited Edition O-Card] (Big World Pic) VS
$14.34 - Happy Hour (Kimstim) Amazon
$12.24 - Time of the Wolf (Strand) Target
$6.99 - The Chinese Boxer (88 Films US) Amazon
$6.99 - Disciples of Shaolin (88 Films US) Amazon
$5.91 - Zeiram 2 (Media Blasters) RightStuf
* Creature [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Ebola Syndrome [4K UHD/BD Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Flesh for Frankenstein [4K UHD/3D BD Limited Edition] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Steel and Lace [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct
* Trauma [Limited Edition O-Card] (Vinegar Syndrome) Direct


Going to go ahead and get the template ready for 2022…
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Previous Years:
2017 Edition
- 2018 Edition - 2019 Edition - 2020 Edition - 2021 Edition

YTD Spending Plan: $3,600.00
YTD Spending Actual: $
* denotes Vinegar Syndrome’s 2022 Yearly Subscription which was paid for in 2021.

Price - Title (Label) Where I Bought It From
$39.95 - DAYS [Limited Edition O-Card] (Grasshopper) Direct
$38.74 - Robotrix [Deluxe Collector’s Edition] (88 Films) Amazon UK
$35.09 - Shock [Beyond The Door II Exclusive O-Card] (Arrow US) Direct
$32.50 - Riki-Oh Story of Ricky [Deluxe Collector’s Edition] (88 Films) Amazon UK
$25.97 - Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Film Movement) Bull Moose
$57.74 - Funky Forest/Warped Forest Box Set [Limited Edition] (Error4444) Direct
$39.99 - Contraband [Limited Edition, Original Art/Cover A Slipcase] (Cauldron Films) Direct

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