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Tint aside, I am very worried about some of the extreme posterization that I can see in many of the DVDBeaver screencaps for the Chungking Express as well as In the Mood for Love!

See e.g. here (old Criterion top, new bottom):

Sure, there is a gradient outside of the depth of field, but in previous transfers that looked natural -- here it's just very posterized.

Or here (old top, new bottom):

There are a lot of other examples in the DVDBeaver Patreon captures for both films!
Hotlinking two Patreon captures of ITMFL here (hope that works).

If these captures are correct, then it doesn't bode well for these movies... many gradients in the bokeh areas just don't look any natural to me. Looks more like a severe loss of subtleties in the dynamic range.
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