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It took a month for my pre-order to ship from Bull Moose but it was worth the wait because, as I guessed, it does include the teaser trailer and it's fantastic. Both it and the theatrical trailer are newly scanned in HD. A quick look at the blu-ray...


This is probably the same 4K restoration used for the Arrow blu-ray and available digitally because they all appeared around the same time.

  • English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

  • English
  • French


Unfortunately, Sony's DVD didn't include any extras. But for this MOD blu-ray release, like the Good Neighbor Sam and Under The Yum-Yum Tree blu-rays, Sony has included not only the theatrical trailer but also the teaser trailer, both in HD.
  • Theatrical Trailer [03:08] (HD)

    This is the same exact trailer that is on the Producers Library website:

  • Teaser Trailer [01:25] (HD)

    The teaser trailer probably hasn't been seen since 1962 and it's fantastic. Almost the entire teaser trailer is devoted to introducing the audience to Jane Fonda!

    • "This girl is the daughter of a famous star."
    • "Look closely and you may see the resemblance."
    • "She will soon appear in Walk On The Wild Side in a role that will make her a star in her own right."
    • "These scenes are the proof..."

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