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Originally Posted by McCrutchy View Post
One of the Australian Blu-ray pre-orders lists a bonus disc:

This is getting confusing. Before I was thinking that certain European editions may go to 2xBD based on the main feature having multiple languages on the disc, but now I suspect there might be random bonus discs not unlike what Sony and Universal have done in the past. I wonder if the bonus might be the documentary on the UHD disc. That would also explain why the documentary is being advertised as UHD exclusive, if some regions aren't getting the bonus disc. Of course, the bonus disc could have other, as yet unknown content instead.

The only problem is that when Universal do bonus discs, the discs are usually DVDs.
From what I have gathered:

Standard Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray will not come with a ton of audio and subtitles. They will be country/region bound discs with specific audio and subtitles.


Standard Blu-ray (2-discs)

Disc 1: Movie only, no extras (with a few audio and subtitles)
Disc 2: Blu-ray bonus disc with a ton of subtitles (so used on all sets)

In the US/CA this will be a 3-disc set because of the extra DVD

4K: (2-discs, also in USA/CA)

Disc 1: Movie in 4K + all previous bonus features from the bonus disc plus the 4K exclusive: Being Bond" feature
Disc 2: Standard Blu-ray movie only, no extras.
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