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I watched it on youtube last year because it's not available on DVD. I don't think it will ever get a DVD release because Michael Mann is embarrassed by the theatrical cut.
If I remember correctly, Mann had envisioned it being at least 3 hours long, but the studio cut a significant amount of footage making the movie a big mess. It failed at the box office, but it has become a cult classic.
But Paramount is still reading 1983 memos where the movie sank without a trace, and it's hard enough getting them to show some back-catalogue love for the unappreciated. (Even for their obsessions with the 80's catalogue.)

The cut footage is probably in such bad condition that a restoration wouldn't be worth it to the studio. That's too bad because I would love to see Mann oversee a director's cut. The cinematography is gorgeous and I'm sure it would be a good movie if Mann got to reinsert the cut footage.
Now that we've actually heard of Mann (and Ian McKellen), it's an underrated piece of "Miami Vice"-era Mann stylistics, like "Manhunter".
Creepy backlit castle scenery, overcast-doom cinematography, and that edgy Tangerine Dream score, all the stuff of which Underappreciated Cult Classics are made.

The "cut" ending, however, eventually showed up on network TV,'s a snore:
After Scott Glenn ends up
[Show spoiler]sucked back into his Final Battle
, we get ten dialogue-free, explanation-free minutes of
[Show spoiler]Glenn and the demon flying through dark Keep space and shooting lasers at each other, until Glenn barely wins his battle, the girl runs back to the castle, and finds Glenn's eerily smoking body.

And you thought '83 audiences couldn't understand the theatrical cut!
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