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Originally Posted by FilmMan85 View Post
I have a long list of movies that I was regularly emailing distributors about it the lack of response from the big studios has worn me down.
I sent LionsGate an e-mail about two old movies that I have tried to get 4K-updated for Google Play before. Here is my e-mail and the reply:



How can I purchase 4K UHD version of Lord of War? It's in 4K UHD on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, BUT I cannot purchase it for 4K on YouTube and Google Play.

Can you guys fix that?

I need it in Google but I see all other services have 4k

Reply I received from LionsGate was in two e-mails. One was a Zendesk ticket (though they don't tell you it's Zendesk) that they have, the second e-mail is from a guy who is an account representative at LionsGate, should I post his e-mail\name?


From LionsGate Zendesk support:

Lions Gate Customer Support <>

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request (20768) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Support (Lionsgate Entertainment)

Nov 11, 2021, 4:29 PM PST


Thanks for reaching out to us! We appreciate your feedback and will pass this along to the appropriate parties for consideration.

Support Group
Here is the second e-mail, from the above referenced individual's work e-mail at LionsGate:

Quote: reply to me

Hello (VonDubenshire),

We expect Google Play UHD availability for both titles by next week. If you are still unable to purchase with Google Play, please email me back to check on it for you.

Thank you
I replied back today with time to actually glance at all this:

from me, to the individual above:

Thank you for the response! I have not had time to reply but I really appreciate getting an answer back. I checked the two links and noticed the Lord of War one is not purchasable anymore by other Google accounts (the one I own), but there is a 4K edition available for purchase now. Thank you!!!

I do not see a Knowing 4K edition to purchase anywhere on Google Play, though.

I also noticed that several movies featuring Nic Cage have his name spelt two ways, leading to different search results for people:

"Nicholas Cage" and "Nicolas Cage" (proper spelling).

Last - did LionsGate produce Dredd from 2012? I own it on Google Play but I noticed everyone else has an UHD 4K version while I am not able to view that on Google Play.

The frustration on some of the movie forums with getting minor things "fixed" is really tedious when no one has reached out to try to see how to find these solutions for little fixes that matter to a lot of people. Anything I can do that makes reporting any issues easier for LionsGate?

Thanks so much for your help.
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