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The Notebook

My newest one as requested!!!

Originally Posted by smail.nathan View Post
hey folks, I'm going crazy looking for Notebook case art. Can anyone please help me out, or point me in the right direction? That huge case is not doing me any favors with the wife, even though she's the one who wanted the dang thing. I just bought standard cases and blu-ray insert paper from a company called prolabel. ANyone familair with this company'slabels? Any rcommendation son the best program to print disc art out using these inserts? I'm kind of a newb at all this, so please forgive me. It seems the consensus here is photoshop and the built-in vista jpg viewer. All tips/help is much appreciated, but first of all, I need that Notebook case art! Someone help!


The Notebook

For Trean:

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[i]The Notebook[/i] - [url=""]bpmford[/url] - [URL=""]External Location[/URL] - [url=""]Official Custom Cover... Post #148[/url]
The Notebook - bpmford - External Location - Official Custom Cover... Post #148


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