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Originally Posted by mediafreak View Post
This disc (German theatrical+redux UHD) apparently has the ORIGINAL 5.1 mix on it. If the PQ is good that would make this the definitive disc, even over the Eagle, no?

EDIT: I've just compared the first three minutes of the German Theatrical Cut UHD to the Eagle Theatrical UHD

German: has both the restored original 5.1 mix as well as another English 5.1 mix.
Bit rate ~38mbps

Eagle: has a 2.0 mix and a 5.1 mix that I believe is NOT original, and may be the same as the non-original 5.1 mix on the german disc. Feels much bassier than the original, a bit less coming from my rears with the helicopter blades. Still sounds very nice. Bit rate ~80 mbps

Just based on this I think the Eagle is is probably my go to.
Just to go back to the audio, I've done a bit of comparing in my admittedly vastly limited capacity of dodgy hearing plus TV speakers, and the Eagle 5.1 is indeed much louder than any of the 5.1 tracks on the new theatrical/redux discs, whether they be lossless or not, OG or not (the new UK/US Blu-ray even has a third English DD 5.1 track in the menu!). And all those 5.1 mixes on the new discs are distinctly quieter to my ears.

Eagle have a habit of ignoring new mixes, or if not ignoring then not having them made available to them, and just using whatever they have on their books for the English audio (which worked to our favour on Total Recall). So with that in mind I pulled the old 2011 UK Blu-ray of Apocalypse Now and the DTS-HD MA 5.1 on that essentially matches the Eagle DTS-HD MA 5.1, they're significantly louder and more bolshy than those more recent 5.1 encodes.

So basically I'm keeping them all because there's no one stop shop: UK/US theatrical/redux UHD has Atmos but no other tracks at all, German theatrical/redux has TrueHD 5.1 and restored OG 1979 DD 5.1 but no Atmos, Italian UHD has that raucous 2011 DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix but no Atmos or official OG, and the video encodes have their own strengths and weaknesses though the Eagle *in DV* is the pick of the bunch. And I love the tat with the 2011 Blu-ray so that's going nowhere either

Originally Posted by andreasy969 View Post
Here's also the example/frame Geoff is talking about. Best to look at the second one, since 200 nits are hiding it better.
Thanks for that. Looks even worse in actual HDR, though it is only for a frame or two to be fair! I did check it in Dobly last night and, as per usual, the FEL tidies it up nicely.
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