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Amazon and some other dealers now have the ASROCK TPM2-S module in stock since the automated Chinese robotic factory ran some more TPM 2.0 security modules off (They only cost $17.41 at Amazon for the official ASROCK brand that works with any ASROCK motherboard that uses 17 pins. Also called 18 pin module by some people.). This was back ordered for several months. I just upgraded the TPM security chip on two separate year 2015 ASROCK X99 motherboards (One mine and another a family members). Once I got the cover removed on the PC it took less then 5 minutes to unplug the old TPM version 1.2 module and plug the new TPM version 2.0 module. BIOS and Windows showing the TPM 2.0 module fully working.

So now when running the PC health check app in Windows 10 professional 64 bit, I pass on TPM 2.0 since that is now enabled, and I also have secure boot on the motherboard. But the reason I cannot install Windows 11 is because it says “The processor isn’t currently supported for Windows 11”. The processor on the ASROCK X99 motherboard is Intel Core i7-5960X CPU at 3Ghz. Therefore, unless Microsoft lowers the CPU requirements to include my 7 year old processor, I will not be able to run Windows 11 unless I upgrade my motherboard, CPU, and build a new desktop computer. So, my computer is now up to meeting the security requirements with TPM 2.0 and secure boot, but now I fail because Microsoft refuses to support the CPU and X99 motherboards. According to Microsoft Windows 10 will officially reach the end of support on October 14th 2025 (that is when it’s 10 year support is scheduled to end unless it gets extended to Jan of 2026). Then there will be no more Windows security updates for Windows 10 and everyone will need to upgrade to Windows 11 or maybe Windows 12.

I plan on waiting until the year 2024 to upgrade my PC, then in theory I will be able to go to Windows 12. Microsoft might be coming out with a new improved operating system every 3 years and each new operating system having 10 years worth of support with free Windows updates.
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