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Potentially huge news - looks like this may finally be coming next year!

My regular reminder that the performance of @MiaFarrow
in #FullCircle #TheHauntingOfJulia remains a high-water mark in 70s horror cinema. Overjoyed that we are restoring/re-releasing this gem in 2023 #dreamcometrue
More here confirming a Blu-ray release 'in various regions', for the 'first part of next year':

A few years back the title was rumoured to be with Arrow, though the issue was always getting access to the materials. Remains to be seen if it's actually with Arrow (still) or if another label or two will be releasing it. Simon mentions 'companies', and his comments suggests the releases will be slightly different, so it may well be that the UK and US releases will be from different labels who are collaborating on the restoration and presumably special features.

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