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Canada bpmford Covers - Blu-Series Set

Well, I decided that aside from me wanting my covers to be all in standard blu cases to make everything uniform, I have now decided to create covers to streamline my blus as well(just like my Academy Award Set).

So...I have come up with these, and I think they turned out quite nicely:

Blu-Series Set

All my movies with multiple sequels are combined as sets and indicated as so (Ocean's Set, Austin Powers Set, Batman 'Over The Ages' Set, etc.)

Also, each of my TV seasons have been done with identical front and back images with differentiating spines, the season number is also included.

They are displayed on my shelf!




I have not posted any of them on my cover page as of yet, but if there is interest in them or any other title in the same format, I can make them very easily and post them on my site. PM me if you would like some or other specific titles!

They aren't fancy, but they are clean and neat. They use poster art or DVD art (If only available). Some are unique where the cover art stretches the front and back (like Up). The Sets try to use art from each of the movies released...that's all!

(I have also done some of the covers that will be released this Fall...Kuz I'm looking forward to them!)

Like em' or don't like em', just thought I'd let you know what I've done!

--For a complete list of the titles included in my Blu-Series Click here--

* This list isn't fully up to date!


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