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Originally Posted by EddieLarkin View Post
Interested in getting the German disc for dat OG audio but, is it actually audibly superior to the Atmos and newer 5.1 remix? Better fidelity? Better channel seperation? Or are they all much the same?
Originally Posted by d3nt0n View Post
Is it the OG
[Show spoiler]by which I mean the restored 90's mix
or is it the same redux mix used on the old BD?
Supposedly, it's the restored mix from the 90s. It also has the correct line at Do Lung Bridge (also heard on the Italian UHD but missing on pretty much every other one).

To be perfectly honest, I've never been able to detect much difference between the "original" 5.1 and the later 5.1. There's maybe slightly better fidelity on the later one, though even that may be down to differences in compression/encoding (or the fact that the "original" we have now was a careful recombination of the stems, rather than the actual original printmaster)

Apocalypse Now always had a pretty killer soundtrack, and the later remixes were more about refining and fine-tuning than anything super-revisionist.

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