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Default More details on the native 8K DLP projector

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I see now that for the first time a native 8K DLP imaging chip has been developed with a resolution of 7680 x 4320P with the new Digital Projection Insight Laser 8K projector. I do not see a price on this projector but I believe it might cost $300,000-$400,000+. Maybe more. It’s for professional installations in a commercial movie theater, big business, or a mansion home theater room.

Perhaps in 2026+ consumers might start seeing IMAX and Dolby Cinema theaters being upgraded to dual 8K DLP projectors. With movies being shown in theaters at native 8K quality for 2D and 3D content. Currently IMAX and Dolby Cinema theaters are at native 4K quality. (neat new native 8K DLP projector)
I have been in communication with Digital Projection INC about the Insight Laser II projector with 37,000 Lumens (part #120-783), the projector has a list price of $249,999, plus one needs to choose a lens that costs between $14,995 to $27,275. Therefore one is looking at a minimum cost of around $278,000 for the 8K projector plus taxes if one chooses the part #117-310 lens for $27,273. Plus, if one wants a 5-year warranty it costs an additional $30,000. So around $300,000 for a single Insight Laser II native 8K DLP Laser projector. In a dual projector IMAX or Dolby Cinema style setup that would use two Insight Laser II native 8K projectors, the price would be around $600,000+. The Insight Laser II native 8K projector works with both passive and active glasses. But most people choose passive glasses for the system.

In a single 8K DLP projector setup and also a dual 8K DLP projector setup the Insight Laser II can offer true 8K quality 3D at 7680 x 4320 resolution at 120Hz (60Hz for each eye) by using 12GB SDI dual pipe without using flashing technology. At this time the legacy old frame pack 3D format that Blu-ray 3D started using in 2010, is not supported from the Insight Laser II projector. There is a possibility that a future firmware update to the projector might not add frame packed support either, since frame packed technology is an old 2K (1080P) format. People purchasing these Insight Laser II native 8K projectors are mainly using them with both 2D and 3D material with native 8K and 4K resolution source material. Over a fiber connection or satellite connection one can purchase the latest Hollywood movies downloaded to a computer solid state drive or hard drive. So, this system supports native 8K 3D and 8K 2D quality from one projector (or two projectors for better 3D quality with double the lumens output). Therefore, supporting the old legacy 13 year old Blu-ray 3D format is not a priority. Maybe one day if there is enough demand the BDA could develop a new Blu-ray 3D format that supports native 4K 3D or native 8K 3D.

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