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Originally Posted by bpmford View Post
I think this would look good!

But probably without the shadow effect!

Wow that looks better than mine. i dont know why mine didnt come out so silvery lol Mine has like a black shadow in it.

Originally Posted by aggienader08 View Post
Oh I don't know. It's your cover, I was just wondering what you thought of the idea of using the shiny letters? I'm not saying it would look better or anything, only a suggestion. Since it's the movie you're doing the cover for you may want some elements from the movie itself on there, along with using the book cover. You could keep what you have and then put screenshots on the back and that would be sweet.

BTW I've been searching for the other six full length covers and haven't found anything yet. Let you know when I do.
How's this? I'm still not so sure if it looks better or not, I'm undecided lol.

New Cover:

Let me know what you think.

Cover with bpmford's pic instead of the one I made from scratch

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