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Originally Posted by Big Daddy View Post
For maximum output, some experts suggest that you put a single subwoofer in a corner for maximum output and place a second one in a less reflective area to smooth out the response. You can use the “crawl around the room” technique as described above for determining the location of the second subwoofer, except in this case, look for the minimum amount of bass output.

Dr. Toole suggests that in a rectangular room you should put one subwoofer close to the front wall in the middle, and another subwoofer at the back of the room in the same relative position. THX recommends placing them in the middle of the left and right walls. Dr. Toole also recommends some equalization to flatten the bass response so that all the seats in the primary listening area hear solid and even bass.
Currently, I have my Elemental Designs A2-300 subwoofer near the middle of the front wall about 6" or so away from the wall. Similarly on the rear wall, I have my DIY subwoofer squeezed between a dresser and my nightstand about 3" away from the wall. The DIY sub is not completely aligned with the sub near the front wall. After reading the quoted section above, I saw some experts suggest that having one subwoofer along a less reflective area (the middle of the front wall for me) and then another subwoofer elsewhere in a corner would be the best. I can move my DIY subwoofer the the back right corner of my room beneath the right back surround speaker. Would I be better off moving the DIY subwoofer to the corner or leaving it in its current spot, which is also an ideal spot?
My recommended setup for Home Theater Virgins:

Speakers: Polk Monitor 50's, Polk Monitor 40's, Polk CS2 Center, and eD subwoofer or
HTIB: Polk 5.1 system and
Receiver: Non-Network Onkyo TX-SR608 or Onkyo HT-RC180 Network Receiver
Monoprice-For all your cable needs...

Personal Setup + Subwoofer
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