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Currently, I have my Elemental Designs A2-300 subwoofer near the middle of the front wall about 6" or so away from the wall. Similarly on the rear wall, I have my DIY subwoofer squeezed between a dresser and my nightstand about 3" away from the wall. The DIY sub is not completely aligned with the sub near the front wall. After reading the quoted section above, I saw some experts suggest that having one subwoofer along a less reflective area (the middle of the front wall for me) and then another subwoofer elsewhere in a corner would be the best. I can move my DIY subwoofer the the back right corner of my room beneath the right back surround speaker. Would I be better off moving the DIY subwoofer to the corner or leaving it in its current spot, which is also an ideal spot?
Most experts believe the middle of the side walls or the middle of the front and rear walls are the best positions. However, rooms and the boundaries are different and your listening position also affects the performance of the subs. You can move the DIY sub to a corner and see what kind of results you will get. The corner is not exactly a less reflective area.

I have my two Hsu subwoofers in the middle of the side walls, the DIY subwoofer in the middle of the rear wall and the AA sub in the rear corner. I prefer to move it to the middle of the front wall, but there is absolutely no room. The results are very good and the bass is fairly even, but there is always the possibility of phase cancellations. Your next item on the agenda should be an equalizer like the Velodyne SMS-1.

Did I tell you that ED is building me a big box for my 15" DIY subwoofer?
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