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Recently, I re-ran Audyssey do to some older settings that bottomed out the DIY's driver too fast since the settings were very old and were made when I calibrated the old DIY's subwoofer driver and old amplifier (which has since been replaced with a significantly better driver and amplifier). I found that to get results that are even remotely close to what they used to be, I've had to go through loads of settings and controls to try to get it back to where it was before. Before, I had extreme low end impact (10-30hz range used to be much more audible). Although I have much more headroom and a much more even frequency response, I think that the corner with the much improved settings and modifications will yield even lower frequency response and possibly better frequency response in the corner. I will try this. Will I need to make any settings modifications like phase if I move the sub to the corner?
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