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Oh my god. Big Daddy, you are the man. I put the subwoofer in the corner and went to adjust some tone levels and settings to turn it the hell down! I was playing some Frequency Sweeps and started to sweat when it went down to the 10hz range!! I think the tuning of the DIY subwoofer is probably 16 or 17 hz with all of the Poly-fill in it. I can't believe what I'm hearing. I am truly terrified of the subwoofers now. Before, the bass was drowning out the other speakers and it was just too high for my tastes. Now I need to make sure to turn that volume down! I have been listening to music at well over 0dB on my system and going that high now will hurt your ears! Huge difference! I checked my SPL meter and I'm still averaging 75dB on the receiver test tone. I'm worried about tweaking any more right now because it might get better! I feel like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation right now where he's on a rant about his boss.
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