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I went into Kinko's myself going off the info found here and was able to print everything with minimal trouble. But...

1. There are two types of service you can use when you go into Kinko's and use their computers yourself. A 25 cent a minute service which gives you basic access to printing functions and a 40-45 cent a minute function that lets you use Photoshop for printing if you so choose. I would simply recommend bringing your covers into Kinko's in JPEG format and simply using the basic 25 cent a minute service. Both will get the job done in the same way.

2. You pay right at the PC with a credit or debit card. There will be a timer on the screen that shows how much time you've been on the PC and what your current charges are. It typically takes me 5 minutes or so to print off 10 covers. Which equates to $1.25 for the time usage. Beyond that it is 99 cents per page that you print. But, that is obviously, totally worth it when you consider the cost of ink cartridges for printing them at home.

3. First, you put in your credit card. You do not get charged until you have access to the PC, so the whole booting up and logging in process does not count toward your time.

4. Once you are at the desktop and ready to go, put your thumb drive in the PC. Open the thumb drive and folder containing your pictures. Whether you want to print just one picture or multiple pictures simply open one of the pictures you wish to print, you'll have the option to check or un-check certain ones later in the printing process. Once your picture is open choose the print option on the JPEG picture menu. This will bring you to the printer screen, which gives you the option to click "next" or something like that. Choose the advanced options when you see the button for it and make sure you have selected "landscape" for printing. This will ensure the picture comes out side to side like it should and not up and down.

5. Once that is done it should move you onto a section that lets you click if you want to print multiple pictures. Check the boxes for which pictures you want and un-check the ones that you don't want. At this point or after clicking "next" you should get some more picture options. Make sure you are printing to their color printer, which they will have labeled as the color printer near their computers. Also, make sure that the box labeled "fit picture to frame" is unchecked. Otherwise the image will print out too large and most likely not fit. Use paper size option "letter". Make sure that paper type is set to "sensed" or "auto" the printer will know what kind of paper you put in. I prefer semi-gloss, but you can certainly use whichever kind you think looks best. Their printers are awesome and thus, will do a good job regardless of which paper type you choose. Which paper to use simply comes down to which you like the look of most.

6. Finally, you should be using 8.5x11 paper, which is standard size paper. Put your paper into their color printer before you hit print. Once you've loaded your paper you may hit the print button. It usually takes a minute or two for the printer to warm up. So rest assured your pictures will print, but they typically don't come out for a minute or so. Once your pictures have come out you may log off the computer and it will spit your card back out at you. (You can certainly log off once you've told the PC to print your pictures, but I prefer to wait until they've actually come out so I can see that they all came out normal).

7. Lastly, I use their paper cutter to cut the covers. I also bring empty Blu-ray cases in so I can put them all in right away and make sure everything has printed out and been cut correctly.

I've never had anyone question what I was doing or tell me I couldn't. As long as you're off in your own world and not asking them questions about potential copyrighted material, they don't care.

Keep in mind, most Kinko's are probably the same, but obviously, they may vary a little bit. However, all my steps should be basically the same Nationwide.

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