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Originally Posted by rarredoa View Post
I own a polk CSi5 Center channel speaker and it's currently horizontally mounted above my TV. I notice inconsistecy in dialogue sometimes. I read this sticky post and became interested.

I am currently considering building a new TV stand/cabinet and and debating whether or not to accomodate a section in the middle of the stand/cabinet to house my CSi5 to stand vertically? My concern is that the center-speaker might be to low to the ground. There won't be any obstructions between the speaker and the listener, however the tweeter of the vertical-standing center channel will be approximately 16 inches above the floor (once the stand/cabinet gets built) versus 46 inches vertical height of the floorstanding L/R speakers.

Is this recommended?
Many people put their horizontal center speaker on the floor or barely above the floor. A vertical center speaker on the floor will outperform a horizontal center speaker in most cases. Put the speaker on a very short stand and then put something (e.g., door stops) under the front of the speaker to tilt it backward so that the tweeter is facing toward your head when you are sitting down. You can build your stand yourself. Alternatively, you can attach rubber feet or spikes to the bottom of the speaker.
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