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Originally Posted by Trace17 View Post
I just might. The Enzo, SP1 and F2007 are the only prancing horses not in my stable so I need one anyway.

Whatever/Whenever I do chrome, I'll put some pics up on here.

Haha my Vettel is getting sooo abused. I have put about 6,000 miles on it in the past week. Well, actually, Bob has. But I figure I'll get another free one at B-spec 35 so whatever. I have a Carbon that is my baby that Bob isn't allowed to touch
Exactly. I don't even think I will be allowed to touch my Carbon Prototype.
It's kind of like buying a car for your wife (B-team), Buying a car for yourself that your wife is not allowed to drive, then buying a car that you yourself are not allowed to drive. No one is!

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Alright. 4.5 hrs into LeMand 24hr. And the rain is pissing me off!!! Not because of the rain, but because its obstructing my view of the sun setting and turning to night. I'm fine with rain in the day or middle of the night. But not during sunset or sunrise. I feel like I'm being cheated right now.
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