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Originally Posted by AikonEnt View Post
Tried the new seasonal events last night, specifically the Citreon rally car event. Had to spend 850,000 to buy the thing, then added a turbo and racing tyres, increased downforce to maximum, lowered the suspension to -40 and increased the spring strength. Won by 20+ seconds! Could probably win that event without doing anything to the car at all. Easy 1,500,000 cr. and 120,000 exp.
I think that they were all mad to be able to win with out any Mods. Im not sure about the Citreon and Ford GT race as i already had tuned cars for thoes races. Won the first three with out any mods. The Lotus was a pain due to the standard tires but very do-able.
In the GT race, i was in first place when i got to the first turn on the second lap.
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