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Originally Posted by slick1ru2 View Post
That is the best RUF. I was winning with it without doing a thing to it. The BTR (Big Turbo Ruf) is disappointing by comparison and the Yellow Bird, ugh, that thing is very hard to control. I think it has under steer and over steer. The tuning threads have several posts on it where people say their tune makes it a little better, but its meant to be like that. And there is a Youtube post of it in real life on Nurburgring and the guy is having a time controlling it on there too so that car is like that in real life. I mean, check out the steering wheel action this guy has to do to keep this car on the road! And listen to those tires, they had to be red hot after that run.
Yeah, I was a little disappointed with how hard the Yellow Bird is to control. I'll definitely have to look up that tune on GTP.

That link is blocked here at work. Is it the vid of the guy(who looks like he's wearing socks!) sling around the YB on the Ring?
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