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I think I've reached my limit in a-spec with the 4 hour Nurburgring race, I used the X1 (which although fast isn't the nicest car to drive around a bumpy, narrow track) so winning was easy enough. I was even a lap down at one point because I just left the game running while I was on the phone and doing other random stuff, but after the race I just though to myself that I just could not be bothered to do a race even longer than that, and the only ones I have left are the 9 hour and two 24 hour races. I've also hit a brick wall in the licenses with IB3 and those bloody cones, the closest I've got to gold is just within half a second away which, let's be honest, is miles away when the event only takes 19 seconds. This and IA10 (which I haven't attempted gold at yet) are the only golds missing, and not wanting to be left on 59-1 I refuse to to do IA10 until after IB3 is out of the way! I think this game has actually stopped being fun now
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