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After 1.03 or so, I told a friend of mine that it would probably take a full year before we see a truly great GT5 package. I think by November 2011 we will actually have a lot of stuff Kaz intended to put in but was pushed to release. We finally got (at least a version of) remote b-spec and mid-game saves would be the next big step imo.

As far as getting out of your car and walking around, I would just call that photomode, without the doors opening. But a true dealership would be cool.
He talked or tweeted that after the game was out, about walking around. I think he means something different, like in the racer outfits exploring areas in the Travel areas.

Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot.
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