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Dont forget the modified ECU, intake, exhaust and supercharger. I wonder what its real HP was for that run. Ohh and all the aero parts put on the car.

And I think the official production XJ220 top seed was 213.x because the 217.x speed was set when some modifications made to the car.
And don't forget the engine was untouched internally and same with the transmission. Some things were required to change the car for safety reasons. I don't know if they thought that would lower the top end and that was what they did to compensate it. And don't forget there were several versions of the XJ220 and I don't know which version set the 217 record or what it had done to it and its hard to tell what version was eventually sold because there were changes from the initial concept that people didn't like and the motor was changed. And wasn't it $650,000??? In 1992??? I mean come on, that car costs 10 times what this one does.

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