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Originally Posted by CIAFlux View Post
Engine internals shouldnt need to be changed. On my personal car I went from 300hp to 375hp with just a turbo back exhaust and remapped ECU. So a car with 510hp with that many mods was probably making 600-650hp.

Safety changes was probably a roll cage which might or might not have added weight, not that it would have mattered much since those speed runs are over a flying mile.

But all my trying to get across is the speed run they made and are giving to the production car should be taken with a grain of salt because a production car didnt do 230+mph.

When they remove the speed limiter and dont modify the car and then do the same top speed let me know because that would be impressive.
And what I am saying is that you are talking about comparing this sedan to a car that cost as much as a Veyron in today's money (1992 $650,000) and looks like it was built for the track, to compete with the exotics of the day, not for taking the wife and kids to dinner in style and not worrying about if it will be there when you get back. I have no quams considering this new Jag the fastest ever considering the poor sales and astronomical price of the XJ22) and it not being available in the U.S. like this model will be.
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