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Originally Posted by Trace17 View Post
Thanks, appreciate it. I've seen the GT-One several times, but of course now that I actually have the funds it won't show up. And I've seen 3 Ford Falcon's in the past week. And today the Ford GT 02 went through, which I bargained tooth and nail for the week before the trade bans went through. Whatever.

That is funny that GTP said someone in the forums mentioned it. Derrrrrr. Is it just "hidden" underneath another car's pic and info or completely missing altogether?

And yeah, I would hope the Gallardo is just without the back end. A lot of cars have that back-end pic with the body gone, so it makes sense.

Someone said in one of the missing car forums that what happens is the thumbnail changes to a different car and you need to find the car and change the thumbnail. I have probably looked at half of my 800 plus standard cars and never found the missing car. Its a car I have never seen in the used lot. Oh well, screw me.
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