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Originally Posted by slick1ru2 View Post
Kaz has not Tweeted since the 14th, sorta unusual.!/Kaz_Yamauchi I wonder if they are moving HQ to the states. It may be a smart thing to do due to uncertainty with the reactor situation.
I doubt it. I can see them moving servers or what not that the entire globe depends on, but I can't see a largely Japanese group moving TWO studios stateside. I know the circumstances aren't great, but I still don't think they would. I'm sure with the blackouts they had and trying to recoup with friends and family they just have a lot on the hands (and minds) right now.

Assuming the reactor doesn't go kaput, I bet we see some news or a tweet or two come out of PD/Kaz next Monday. And if they think it's possible that it could affect where they are located, they are probably more concerned with vital components and family/friends.

That aside, did daylight savings move the trade reset up now? So it's 7pmcst/8pmest now? Will they eventually go to "summer time" or will it be a 5/4 hour for the next 6 months or so?

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