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Originally Posted by slick1ru2 View Post
Used cars in that range mostly aren't because the limit applies to the new car price, although they aren't offered new in the game which makes no sense.

Only had 5 show up for today's race. 3 got car prizes up to $1 million CR.. People are on here talking about getting their car collection up, I am giving away FREE cars every Saturday! Next week's race will be 4 laps at Sarthe, GT1 cars, street versions. GT-R. DB9, 670-SV, Z06, Ford GT. Second race will be 1 car from the Recommended list based on voting of those who show up to race. Again, prizes for first and second on each race and even for last (matte or chrome paint)!
sorry man i wouldve made it for sure but at a bday party but next saturday for sure
Blu-ray is the ONLY way.

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