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And heaps more in this interview by Playstation Chronicle..
Kazunori-San answered a WHOLE bunch of community submitted questions, awesome stuff.

I can't copy and paste it in here as it's an online magazine(free no subscription,just click and open) and the only thing you can do is turn page or zoom.
The magazine is in the first post of the link, click the little big planet picture in the post if you have trouble figuring it out for yourself..

Points covered in Interview.
- Working on premium cars and tracks
- Why many variations of some car's are included,thinks there are too many now.
- Memory restrictions for headtracking etc...
- Talks about tracks that were left out and says along the lines of "Midfield? Really you want midfield? Well it can be made. "
- Exactly why GT5 took so long.
- What makes an acceptable vehicle for use in GT,speed,style or cost?
- Says he wants players to be able to do endurance race's together via online etc.. and has wanted that from the start and he has been frustrated it hasn't been able to have been incorporated as of yet...
- Talks License fee's
- Says FIA and DTM were going to be included like nascar's premium glory but had to be pulled for time.

Also a bit more but have a read for yourself, it's a good read
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