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Originally Posted by slick1ru2 View Post
I have Shift 2. I bet that some of those GT1 circuit tracks may be locked up in exclusive rights by EA. BTW, it does have 2 endurance races in Shift 2, probably 1 is Nurburgring, maybe the other is Spa. Tell you what, Shift 2 is a harder game, at least for me it is. The AI is more realistic, they block you and act like real people. And the cars are pretty evenly matched so combined with smart AI, it takes some work to get to the front from the middle in 3 laps. And I wonder who has the Ferrari rights, because while it has Porsche in it, Ferrari is missing. I wish that Yas Marina was in one of them, that track is interesting. Maybe Grid 2, out in 2012, will have the uber list of tracks. That game handles better then Shift 2, IMO and if you are liking Shift 2, getting a little bored with GT5, its pretty cheap right now.
Question slick1ru2: how does it handle with a steering wheel? One of the reviews I read somewhere else was that with a wheel, the cars felt a bit more "floaty" than GT5. Not the sole reason I would place on whether to buy or not buy Shift 2, but would love to know
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