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Finalized Race Rules for tomorrow, 3 east daylight savings.
Race 1 - The Premium Clio, you can tune it to the max

Race 2 - Vote on a Recommended Car, 1 model race.

Race 3 - Street versions of GT1 Cars. Max PP is 583.

07 or 09 Nissan GT-R
Aston Martin DB9 Coupe, either the Premium or Standard
Ford GT, any model
Lamborghini Super Veloce
Corvette C6 Z06

Speed has a special now on Aston Martin, how they are made. They have no rivets or welds. They are GLUED together! They have a machine that applies the glue, very precisely. They call it, I kid you not, the James Bonder. lol. Each car takes 24 eight hour shifts, mostly assembled by hand and it takes like 50 hours to paint the car. They use hydraulic machines to place the panels because the glue is so strong you can't adjust them. They don't use an assembly line, they use work stations. I like the way the premium DB9 looks with the kit on it, but need a tune to make it faster. It is slower then the standard version.

Inside is highly customizable
20 colors of leather from cows from Scotland where there is no barbed wire so its pretty much blemish free
9 choices of carpet colors
5 choices of wood trim
really cool/key/remote that they call "your connection" to the car

Wish I was rich, lol., definitely be my everyday car.

The V12 6L engines are made in Cologne, Germany at a dedicated plant. Wonder why Germany? I thought it was a Ford engine anyway.

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